The Button Tin

the button tin is a little altar to all things nostalgic and sentimental. it re-ignites memories and stories for all its lovely visitors. those memories of playing in grandmas quality street button tin as a child : tipping the buttons out and sorting them in to colours, the smell of the rusty old tin, happy times.

the button tin is full to the brim with jam jars and old rusty tins full of buttons, piles of vintage fabrics from the 1940's and 1950's, all neatly folded of course! vintage sewing machines from as early as the 1870's to the 1950's all in working order for the classes.  gemma also has large collections of vintage aprons, patchwork quilts, doilies,lace and notions, vintage dresses, quirky ornaments, old tin rocking horses, baskets,vintage newspapers and patterns, laundry airers, washing lines with dolly pegged out laundry, clean of course! even the soundtrack is from another time as all tunes are played from gemma's pretty green dansette record player. 

it is a time machine full of gemma's memories and those of all who visit.  many of these items, even down to the matchboxes filled with buttons posted through the letter box have been kindly given to gemma's button tin studio by her lovely customers. everything from the rusty old tins, vogue dress patterns to the old singer sewing machines.  what a beautiful way to celebrate and evoke all of our individual memories. the button tin is a place to escape to another time, to preserve the traditional crafts that are fading 


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