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The Button Tin project also provides high quality community art engagement through textile art activities, educational research, installations, commissions and collaborations. 

Delivering inspiring, empowering activities driven by promoting, exploring and improving Wellbeing. The Button Tin project works in partnership with other Community Initiatives, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Galleries and Charities. 

Spanning over a hugely diverse background of Cultures, Ages, Abilities, Faiths, LGBT, BME groups, Additional Needs Support, Learning Disabilities and Intergenerational projects.

All aiming to improve the quality of life of its participants and in result motivate creativity and to tackle challenging subject matter head on with the medium of Art and Craft, promoting discussion and positive social change.

Here are a few of the many projects and partnerships I have developed, delivered and collaborated with.

For a more in depth look at what other projects I offer please look here.

Women Against Racism and Hate Crime Project 2016

Collaboration with REMA |  Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance

The project was in partnership with Love is Louder,  promoting love before hate in Rotherham. The aims were to see Muslim and all BME women united against racism, division and intolerance. Using art and craft as a celebration of our strength and difference.

Current far right issues have crippled Rotherham.  Here we use art and craft to tackle the subject head on. The results..powerful and determined.   

Discussion was promoted on a difficult subject through gentle, stitch work, resulting in positive art works.

All Documentary Photography Anna Kozak 2017


Urban Piano Project 2012

Commissioned by RMBC to work with the community and as an artist to generate a piece of live sculpture to sit in the urban landscape. Evoking the tales of everyone engaged. Played and enjoyed by all.

Quotes hand embroidered and gathered at various pop up workshops around Rotherham.  From age 4 to age 94 all generations were recorded. Favourite family sayings, songs, poems and quotes.

Vintage fabrics from dress fabric, to aprons to doilies and buttons all utilised to create the hand covered piano piece.

The main body of the project was also in partnership with Headway. 

Headway Rotherham is part of the brain injury association, serving Rotherham and surrounding areas giving help and support to those that have sustained a brain injury, the carers and their family.

Intergenerational Collaboration | 2009

Awards For All | Lottery Funded | Art Council England

Sharing Memories Holme Valley | Brockholes Primary School 

Age Range 7 years to 97 years.

Lead Artist on exciting collaboration with a Primary School and Intergenerational Project Sharing Memories. 

Holme Valley Sharing Memories Group was established in the mid 1990s and is made up of elderly people living in the rural Holme Valley on the outskirts of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The aim of the group is to bring together older people to share their memories of the past with each other and with the wider community and to use these shared memories as a basis for creating high quality art works. With the support of two artists, Sharing Memories works with local schools and other community groups on a range of projects which serve to both celebrate and interpret our lives and our local heritage.

Age boundaries were broken down and respectful friendships an partnerships were made with all involved.  Aided by the use of story telling, traditional techniques and salvage. A “Memory Lane” quilt was produced using donated clothing and button tins.  All hand carefully hand stitched.

This was my first Community project and I have continued to run many extensive Intergenerational collaberations and partnerships in Schools and Community Incentives.

Word Dress 2016

Artist Collaboration with Women’s BME Community group Thornhill Primary School and Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance. 
Installation generated to express the current feelings of division and Racism in Rotherham. 
Hand embroidered feelings and beliefs decorate hand made tunics that all hang in solidarity along the washing line, representing sisterhood and identity.

The piece was called Our Strength Is In Our Difference.

Award Winning Community Collaboration 2016-2017

Working with Nayi Zindagi and REMA developing a celebration of faith and diversity. Enabling the voice of men and women of all ethnic backgrounds with a variety of needs and abilities. 

Nayi Zindagi | Non Profit Organisation
Empowering individuals with learning disabilities from the ethnic communities and we also support people from the wider communities. 

REMA | Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance 
REMA is the infrastructure support organisation for the Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Sector of Rotherham.

Commissioned by Devolved Budget Grant Award | South Area Assembly.
Winning category | Outstanding delivery and quality 2017 and Rotherham Community Ambassador Award via Rotherham Together Partnership


Friends Of Thornhill 2016 | 2017

Various Art and Craft projects and partnerships ran with Thornhill Primary School and it's Friends Of Thornhill Group | Mothers.  Inspiring and motivating Mothers from all backgrounds on a weekly Art and Craft creative programme. Teaching and passing on useful skills to carry forward in school activities and fund raisers.  Also an effective method in developing language and skill exchange.  A great facility and provision for empowering Mothers who can't usually access Art and Craft programmes, so Artists are invited run sessions in house at the School. 

REMA | Conversation Clubs 2015 | 2016 | 2017

A weekly Art Class ran with the aim to develop learning English and new skills.  Tackling current issues and subjects via Textile Art. Appealing to all nationalities of all backgrounds and all abilities.  A weekly celebration of Art, Craft and Diversity.  All work produced used to exhibit at local Events and Festivals.  Finished pieces all promote positive discussion of quite often difficult subjects.

All ran at The Unity Centre Rotherham

Diversity Festival | Volunteer T-Shirts 2016

A series of Tie Dye Workshops ran in partnership with Diversity Festival and REMA
Engaging a wide, diverse group of volunteers. Each member learned how to dye and decorate their own T-Shirt for the annual Diversity Show Celebration that runs at Clifton Park every year in Rotherham. A festival of Diversity, Art and Music. This also worked as a great team building exercise.

Artist collaboration with Grimm and Co Charity 2014 – Ongoing

Grimm and Co are an imaginative space and community that supports an inspiresyoung people to write. They run innovative storytelling and writing workshops, supporting those who need it the most, that unleash young people’s imaginations and build confidence, self-respect and communication skills. They then provide a publishing platform so their voices and stories are heard.

I work as a resident Artist delivering and developing a wide range of Textile based activities based on current Grimm and Co Reading Projects. So far they have been ran in at Grimm and Co, from my studio The Button Tin, in Schools, Festivals and have even took the form of Community Charity Team Building Days.  All ages being engaged with Literature and the Visual Arts.


Rotherham Carnival - The People Parade 2016

I was invited to work with Rotherham Carnival – The Peoples Parade to create colourful carnival creations in various schools around our area. This was Rotherham’s first ever Carnival.

At The Willows school in Thurcroft I asked them “What makes you happy?” the kids designed, planned and scaled up huge fabric, appliqué flags and hand stitched them carefully with amazing results! Creating huge carnival flags ready for the parade called “These are our happy thoughts.”  

The Willows School is a specialist school dealing with children with various learning and behavioural difficulties and I think their work is astounding.  They stitched away in the scorching hot weather to create well made art work to be proud of. 

At Thornhill Primary School we had the theme 'Day Of The Dead." In a series of after school sessions I led the group in making Frida Khalo and Day of the Dead sugar skull and umbrella decorations all to be used in the carnival parade.

The Deputy Mayor led the parade carrying one of my hand constructed Flower Umbrellas.

Selected Images Copyright Real Rotherham |  Jane Vernon Photography 2017