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The Button Tin | Kiosk Installation
Testimonials, Encounters, Feelings, Experiences.


“I feel as if I am a person again…
Thank you so much for such a lovely day.
A little bit of heaven in today’s hectic world.  Bliss”
Sandra Elliott 71

‘It was so lovely to see your studio and your beautiful work. Your work is healing, rare, careful, honest and delicate. It was such a special thing to experience your creative “space”

“A very worthwhile journey from London to Rotherham for a fabulous day in The Button Tin. Lovely, calm and inspiring atmosphere made it an enjoyable experience. Thank you Gemma for a wonderful day”

“I love the place you love. I love the gift you have...Inspirational!” 
Pat Greatorex

“Thank you for the inspiration to go get my dream! What you are doing is amazing. Keeping history alive in your own way.”
Sammy Davis (University Graduate)

“Nice to meet you today, loved your studio and ethos. Nearly had me in tears”  Luke O’ Brien

“So precious, when I walked into your studio I instantly felt at home and transported to another time. You have a gift Gemma, don’t give up. Don’t loose sight of who you are. Your work is you. I have never seen a more beautiful space.” 

“Mesmerizing. I felt really emotional, in a beautiful way being here. Thank you” Harriet. (College Student)

“I love being here, I love sewing, and you’re the best sewing teacher ever. Lots of love”
Isabel age 7

“Thank you for a wonderful day at The Button Tin. We have fallen in love with this magical place. We will treasure the things we have made”
Julie, Emily and Katie Layden
(Mum, Daughter and Granddaughter)

“Thank you so much Gemma we have had a wonderful family day. Your patience and kindness towards Maria especially helped her. We will all treasure our handmade items forever. You have helped to inspire us all and look forward to returning” Samantha and Maria
(Mother and daughter)

“This will be something I never forget and hope to pass onto my daughters and their daughters. All my love.”  

“This place is truly magical, sisterhood, tea, cake, time goes fast. Thank you for teaching me something I can share with my daughter. Thank you for making me feel human again. Much love.” 
Maria O Brian

“An absolutely divine experience! If only life was as magical as this every day. Thank you for taking me back in time to memories of craft days shared with my beautiful nan. Gemma you’re an angel. Much Love” 
Jodie Leigh

“Thank you for letting me get lost in your world”

“Leaving thoroughly inspired and full of creative enthusiasm! Lovely, lovely day thank you!”

“What a perfect way to spend the day. Even the not so creative can create wonderful things in your button tin room!”

“Look how big my smile is, I haven’t had this much fun since I was 6”

“You have such a wonderful place here where you can step back in time and totally relax. Wonderful and Thank you”
Gillian and Chloe

“I had an amazing time and rediscovered a long lost part of me”

“A wonderful world to escape to”
Nicola Self

“A journey into another world. A small piece of heaven in Rotherham!”

“Flipping marvelous! A beautiful space for creativity with a beautiful lady generous of time and thoughts. What a love!”
Danni Anderton

“Thank you for a lovely relaxing day, very therapeutic”

“Dear Gemma and the button tin…you are a fantastic example of all things re-generated, a great credit to Rotherham and truly amazing lady. Well done and Thank you”

“Rotherhams hidden little Gem(ma) Really enjoyed today thank you.” 

“A wonderful day escaping a grim day outside. The Button Tin has been a happy place to be. Thank you Gemma” 

“Thank you Gemma for making today wonderful. The button tin is a amazing place where you can let your creativity free”
Ebony 9

“This little tardis is a hidden gem (Gemma) Fight the fight for Rotherham The Button Tin is on the map”

“Beyond all words”
Pam and Georgia

“You have put a little bit of sunshine into my day” 

“You inspire me. The Button Tin is the beautiful sunshine through the grey clouds. Shine on and believe” 
Laura Jo

“An amazing treat from my daughter. Special time together making and stitching. Thank you Gemma you have given me the inspiration to follow my passion.” 

“A wonderful day spent with dear friends A treasure pot of creative, sheer delights. A room of wonder” 
Julie and Girls

“What a fantastic space. So many memories of childhood. We had a really lovely day. Gemma is lovely to work with” 

“What a wonderful experience- Absolute heaven. I just love this little studio. Little, but big in ideas. What a lovely lovely place. Rotherham you have a gem here.” 
Wendy Burke

“Amazing! A wonderful afternoon. You are such a special person and a real talent. You are a credit to Rotherham. A true inspiration.” 
Mayoress of Rotherham

“I think I have died and gone to heaven I love this place!”

“A delight, inspiring and an absolute tonic! Thank you and keep giving and going” 

“I have enjoyed every minute…It was like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate Factory. Thank you Gemma” 

“Gemma you have created a wonderful magical place in your button tin home.  I love your work and passion to share your skills and expertise. Looking forward to coming back” 

“A very special environment to be transported into creativity. Gemma you and The Button Tin are a delight. I wish I could transport you and the Kiosk over to York where I live. Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely make time to visit this fabulous place again.” 

“It is always such a joy to spend a day here getting away from it all. Well worth the trip down from Sunderland. 
Thank you Gemma”

“Had another wonderful day, part of my regular art and craft fix that keeps me on the straight and narrow. Always worth the trip from Derbyshire- you’re putting Rotherham on the map.” 

“Dear Gemma, thank you for showing me and my family your very special workroom. You are a very special person, I think definitely a through back to another era. It is very calm. I would have loved to have stayed with you all day- but I have to go out into that noisy, busy other world. I am a visitor from Australia-Sydney and I have never seen anything like this. I have done quite a few crafts but I am transported for a short time into yours Gemma. Take care my love.” 
Sandra Lingore

“I love the workshops. It gives me time out of life. A real oasis of calm. Thank you” 
Diane Friend

“I have so enjoyed today and rediscovered sewing skills I had long forgotten” Sioban

“Just a very special hideaway. Well done Gemma the button tin project is something you should be very proud of” 

“The button tin makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside” 

“Thank you Gemma for creating a medicinal space. It is a healing experience to sit with women and create beautiful things. Thank you for honouring the importance of traditional crafts” 

‘Hi Gemma. I really enjoyed listening to you this afternoon on radio one. I would love to join one of your classes and put to use my collection of fabric and buttons that have been sat idle. I have recently moved to Rotherham albeit just from Sheffield but haven’t set foot in Rotherham town centre for obvious reasons. Silly me nearly missed out.” 

“I feel as if I have fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in my Grandmothers kitchen” 
Kate Saunders